123 PASS Driving School

Below are just a few of 123 PASS driving schools success stories. You could be another success story learn to drive with 123 PASS.

Amy from Coundon

This is Amy from Coundon who passed her driving test today with 123 Pass Driving School. Amy said 'My experience driving with Keith is one I'll never forget. Excellent teacher and person, I'll recommend him to everyone'. Thank you Amy and well done!!!

Tanya from Ferryhill

This is Tanya from Ferryhill who passed today first time. Tanya said 'I would definitely recommend 123 Pass Driving School. I passed first time. He is an excellent teacher!'. Congratulations Tanya, well done, we wish you safe driving for life.

Lauren from Spennymoor

This is Lauren from Spennymoor who passed first time. Lauren said I have really enjoyed learning with Keith, I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you Lauren & well done.

Lee from Bishop Auckland

This is Lee from Bishop Auckland. Lee said about 123 Pass Driving School, " I would recommend driving with Keith, he is an excellent instructor and helps you a lot and his teaching methods are good. I would really recommend him. Thanks Lee and well done!!

David from Bishop Auckland

David from Bishop Auckland passed today with only 2 minor faults. David said about 123 Pass Driving School "I enjoyed my lessons with Keith and would recommend to take your lessons with him, a great guy and a good instructor" Well done David & safe driving for your future.

Ian from Staindrop

This is Ian from Staindrop who passed today with 123 Pass Driving School. Congratulations Ian well done.

Ryan from Spennymoor

Ryan passed first time with 123 Pass Driving School. He said 'Good experience with a good instructor who helps you learn to a high standard, would highly recommend'. Congratulations Ryan.

Kristen from Darlington

Kristen passed first time, well done Kristen. She said 'Learning to drive with Keith was a great experience and thanks to him I passed first time'.

Charlie from Darlington

Charlie from Darlington passed first time with 123 Pass Driving School today. Charlie said 'I would definitely recommend 123 Pass for driving lessons. I took my test again after losing my licence. I was nervous to start my lessons again because I had so many bad habits but Keith re-asssured me and made me feel at ease.I passed again first time. Well done Charlie.

Kate from Spennymoor

Kate from Spennymoor said 'really enjoyed my driving lessons with Keith, found him very easy to get along with and he made me comfortable in my driving lessons. I would recommend 123 Pass Driving School to other learner drivers'. Congratulations Kate!

Jiri from Darlington

Jiri from Darlington passed today first time. He said 'The experience I had with 123 Pass Driving School was very useful and the instructor was very friendly and explained everything to me so I would definitely recommend to anyone' Congratulations Jiri, well done.

Geoff from Spennymoor

Geoff passed first time & said "I would recommend to learn to drive with 123 Pass. They were excellent, helped me through bad times of driving & good. I felt comfortable learning to drive with them & would highly recommend anyone to learn to drive with 123 Pass". Well done Geoff.

Mason from Witton le Wear

Mason from Witton le Wear passed today 31/8/13. Mason said 'Very good driving instructor, would highly recommend'. Well done Mason!!!

Corrine from Newton Aycliffe

Corrine from Newton Aycliffe who passed on Wednesday 10/7/13 said 'Cant believe I passed! fab driving school. Would definiteley recommend!. Going to miss it but couldnt thank Keith enoughfor the time & effort & patience he has had with me. Well done Corrine!!!

Amy from Butterknowle

Amy passed her test today, 4/7/13. She said 'I found the experience to be fantastic, I thought the teaching was really good, asking how I preferred to be teached was very helpful to me'. Well done Amy!!!

Danielle from Bishop Middleham

Danielle from Bishop Middleham who passed her test today 16/5/13 1st time with only 2 minor faults. Well done Danielle. Danielle said 'I found that learning with Keith I am now a good driver, I have no bad habits & I intend to keep it that way!. Thank you Keith for helping me pass my test. I would recommend him as a driving instructor to any new starters'.

Ryan from Coundon

Ryan who passed his test on 10/5/2013 said 'I found that my overall experience of driving with Keith was excellent, I could drive before but Keith got me out of my bad habits & got them out of my system & has made me a better and more aware driver. Highly recommend to any new starters.'

Selina from Bishop Auckland

Selina who passed 1st go with 123 Pass Driving School, well done Selina!

John from Eldon Lane

John from Eldon Lane who passed with 123 Pass Driving School after a brush - up course.

Tony from Heighington

Tony from Heighington passed first time with 123 Pass Driving School. Well done Tony!!

Tony from Stanhope

Tony from Stanhope said 'I found 123 Pass excellent, brilliant instruction & very good service'.

Neil from Ferryhill

I'm glad I chose 123 Pass Driving School, I found it very professional. Keith was very friendly and helpful. I passed first time

Callum from Darlington

'keith helped me with my theory and then got me through my driving test. I passed first time, keith was great.'

Chris From Ferryhill

1st time pass, only 2 minor faults, Wow!!

Neil From Crook

Neil passed 1st time, well done Neil!!!